This website reflects the life of an individual who is past 70 and finds himself alone in the world - his parents passed - siblings gone and the sudden death of his soulmate of 33 years has prompted him to record his history.  He relives the triumphs and tragedies of the Palm Springs gay community from 1982 through 2000 - along with his personal experiences of bigotry and hatred and how he was able to face hostility and succeed. 

Born of a mixed marriage, he narrates each chapter as they unfold in a straight forward assessment of his life from New York City to South Florida and finally to California.  You'll retrace his life in the Big Apple and meet his immediate family and hear their stories of personal struggles and obstacles.  You'll travel to Florida in the late 1950s and share his memories and life experiences including: racial prejudice; sexual awakening; and, the chances he took in his quest to find happiness and personal freedom to love.

Palm Springs was soon his newly found haven but eventually he came to realize that there are thorns among the desert blossoms.  Celebrating over 35 years in the desert, he recalls the many events that helped direct and strengthen the desert gay community during its infancy.  Palm Springs didn't become gay friendly on its own overnight - there was a time when conservative minds ruled - and it was most evident that you have to force change to make a difference.  Find out how and why he was able to do what he loved . . . but had to fight for it everyday

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P L E A S E    N O T E

This manuscript is a work in progress and revisions occur regularly. Each section continues to change - additions - deletions - tweaking . . . A WORK IN PROGRESS


J. J. Suguitan