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Website Dec. 15, 2016

Christopher Crehan

While researching Warm Sands for a project, I read an article on Daryl James which, in turn, led me to you. If I didn't believe in fate previously, I certainly do now. Please get in touch. -Chris

Website Jan. 14, 2016

Kevin Simons

Takes me back 30 years! I lived in La Quinta from '84 - 90 (the heat finally chased me out - that, and the sadness of losing almost all my friends to HIV).

I fondly remember Cal & Ron, Richard Flynn, Daddy David & Rob, Clyde Sioux (god bless that wonderful man), Bobby Ford, Chuck Kee, Michael White, Craig Corbett & Beatty (and Brian!), Bob Mellon and most especially Peter Tangel, who I think of every living day
and miss him desperately, even all these years since he passed. Barber Don, Tacky David, the Birdbath Girls (!), Lady Di - the list goes on and on. If anybody has updates on the whereabouts of any of the survivors of those heady days, drop me a line. Some
of the happiest days of my life were spent in Palm Springs.

Website May. 30, 2015

Matthew Link

I'm wondering if you would be so kind as to get in touch with me - I'm a journalist who writes a lot of LGBT history pieces on the desert. Thanks!, 646-644-5465

Website Apr. 1, 2015

Dale Jag

One of the best memories was behind the DP (aka bushes) when "Lady Di" (resident drag queen that never put on a show, except when she drank and fell off her bar stool) fell in one of the abandoned water wells. Fire Dept. was called and had to rescue her.
And without a missed beat, she asked if the Fireman would go back in the pit to look for her other high heel. Oh, the stories she had.

Mar. 16, 2015

M.R. Klingberg

I met Clyde Sioux Halloween 1982 when he was arrested in his Superman costume & egged on to break out of jail by his cellmates in Indio.