CRYSTAL, GLORIA & BIG AL - 1991 photo at Gloria's restaurant on Palm Canyon Drive.

Mayor Frank Bogart with Jan our press operator, 1989.


PRESIDENT & MRS. GERALD FORD at the First Desert AIDS Walk. She surprised everyone when she said, "I hope you don't mind but I brought someone with me" - and the president enters to the cheers of a sustained standing ovation.


STAN HENRY flanked by his father & grandfather at his installation dinner in 1995 when he became the Cathedral City police chief. He now serves as that city's current mayor

Sen. Barbara Boxer, Cal Willis & Greg Pettis with me at the GLAD Humanitarian Awards Dinner, 1994.

AB-101 Rally at Palm Springs City Hall, 1991.

Palm Springs early pioneers & visionaries: ALBERT FREY, FRANCIS CROCKER, & CULVER NICHOLS in front of the Welwood Murray Memorial Library. The P.S. Aerial Tram, P.S. City Hall & the Tramway gas station "Flying Wedge" are just a few of their contributions to the City of Palm Springs. Photo 1992.

Palm Springs City Council member JEANNE RELLER & DARYL JAMES at the Hoe-Down, photo circa 1994.

CAL WILLIS, Cathedral City POLICE CHIEF RON JOHNSON, DAN & BRENT at C.C. Construction Co. 1984.

Gloria Greene presented an award from Palm Springs Mayor Wil Kliendeinst at Evening Under the Stars, 1997

Sonny & Mary with their son in front of Palm Springs city hall after his election in 1988.

PETER & BOB (Vista Grande), DARYL JAMES; BOB HOVEN; BILL GORDON; ME; WALKER & BOB (Hacienda en Sueno). We had dinner at Robi restaurant in LaQuinta. Limo service was provided by Ultimate Limousine Service with Bob Lombardo. 1990.

Congressman Sonny Bono with members of our local Log Cabin Club, 1996.

Barber Don Hill & Palm Springs Councilwoman Deyna Hodges, 1995.

STREETBAR - MAY 1993 Original lay-out sheet for the AAP fundraiser "Madness Reigns"

PAUL DANOS & DICK HASKAMP at a Streetbar theme party, 1996.

The Egyptian Party at Rocks, 1985

JEANNETTE ROCKEFELLER & DARYL JAMES with the basket she donated and he bought at the annual Hoe-Down at ALAN KELLER's home, mid 1990s.

Choices Nightclub on Perez Road, 1997.

On left, Maggie & Dick DiBona - they hosted a number of AAP fundraisers at their Rancho Mirage estate.

Daniel Warren & Blair Alexander at Evening Under the Stars, 1998.

Mayor Wil Kleindeinst presents DAP director Marc Haupert with the 1998 City Proclamation. Council-members Stan Barnes, Deyna Hodges & Jeanne Reller applaud

C.C. Construction Co. on Perez Road, 1996.

Greg Pettis & Crusader flank Lloyd Maryanov at his mayoral campaign of Palm Springs in 1992.

GAY PRIDE PARADE on Mesquite in June 1994. Original lay-out sheets when cut & paste meant exactly that!

Lee Brewer & Jack Pray - Jack was DBA president and membership increased dramatically with his leadership. Photo circa 1989.

Councilmen Chuck & Tuck with Mayor Bono in the city council chamber, 1991

Congressman Sonny Bono and Mary at the 1996 P.S. Film Festival Gala

Cathedral City Mayor George Hardy with Shirley Copeland and Cattails owner Ken Hineman, photo circa late 1980s.

Bill Beck & John at the 1997 Arenas Road Block Party

Dick Haskamp & Maggi DiBona at Streetbar's 1996 Wreath Auction.

Sonny will do just about anything for a tip, Streetbar 1995

California AIDS riders at the 1997 Arenas Road Block Party

DBA booth at the 1997 Arenas Road Block Party. Don, Dick, Shel, Doug

Councilman Greg Pettis and First Lady Betty Ford at the 1995 Desert AIDS Walk

LABOR DAY ISSUE - Rick Hayes & Ken Kaleel of The Villa appeared on our edition of August 30, 1996

ADULT BUSINESS ORDINANCE - Jan at the Vista Grande demonstrates what to expect upon its adoption in Palm Springs

PALM CANYON INN - DESERT HANGOUT - CAMP PALM SPRINGS - SKYLARK - Poolside was always an eyeful, 1996. The Palm Canyon Inn was in operation during the late 1970s & early 1980s with owners David & Lowell.

GAY GAMES TEAM PALM SPRINGS - was featured on the cover

C.C. CONSTRUCTION - Jock Strap Party in June 1984 - original lay-out sheets.

COMMITMENT - The February 27, 1998 edition featured excepts from the book "Men Together" by Anderson Jones. Models: Lee Walton & Phil Catalli

DESERT PALMS INN - lunching poolside always featured items not on the menu, 1998.

DESERT AIDS WALK - Our commitment to the DAP provided us the opportunity to honor the participants, volunteers and staff of the Project

1995 DAP STAFF MEMBERS - honored on our cover for the Walk that year

KANE PRICE - our photographer whose creativity and imagination brought our covers to life, Christmas 1999.

THE MIRAGE - you never know who you'll find under the waterfall, 1998.

ADULT BUSINESS ORDINANCE - Jan & another reminder - outtake from the shoot for the Oct. 27, 1995 edtition


PALM SPRINGS - we never failed to use our covers to entice visitors to the desert with eye-popping scenes, 1999.

WALLY WORLD PARTIES - the community gathered frequently at Wally's private estate adjacent to the Desert Palms & The Villa, 1998.

DESERT RODEO edition - our photo shoots would take hours of different poses for the Oct. 27, 1995 issue

P.S. BEEFCAKE - we always featured something nice to look at on our covers

MICHAEL GREER - appeared in the Top Hat theater production of "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum"

TBL STAFF - was sent on assignment in the desert & their stories & photos were featured in that issue, 1999.

PULP magazine - featured our Palm Springs Daddy Bear, 2000.

March 1995 - Greg Louganis signs his book "Breaking the Surface" - Bill was excited to meet the Olympic star & received a personal autograph from the diving champion.

As we research our archives we will include more historical photos of the desert gay community during the early 80s through the 90s. Early photos were B/W since we were not running 4-color in the magazine until 1994 when we went to a web press. Photos will be rotated regularly. Will you be included in upcoming online Desert Gay History photo album pages? Click on each photo to reveal the caption.