PEGASUS 1973 - our photo layout was a double-truck for the school Mustang yearbook - our blackened teeth helped us get into character.

PEGASUS 1973 - the other half to our Double-truck in the yearbook. That year our staff swept the competition away in the annual Hollywood Poetry Institute competition in a number of categories including: Free Verse; Senior H.S. Division; & Shakespearean Sonnet.

PEGASUS 1971 - was dedicated to the English Department Chair, Doris English and Jamie H. was editor-in-chief. This edition was printed in the school's print shop where they used the wrong adhesive causing the magazine to fall apart on opening it.

PEGASUS yearbook page from Mustang 1974 taken at the Daytona Beach FSPA convention. Staff always dressed for the banquet with boys in tuxedos and girls in evening gowns.

PEGASUS 1973 - was dedicated to Bob Hope for his gifts of entertainment to American service men & women. Editor-in-chief was Jeff M.

Ed, me & Jeff with our float entry - with stuffed animals ice skating in front & decorated Christmas trees in back. 1974

PEGASUS 1974 was dedicated to Walt Disney for providing the world of reality a chance to escape into the world of fantasy. Editor-in-chief was Ed Rose.

PEGASUS 1975 - was dedicated to Joseph T. & featured a number of his poems. Editor-in-chief was Michael P. The 4 images of a burning candle shrinking until it is extinguished was our unifying theme.

Staff editors, Paul & Russ at the Pegasus end of year banquet at Bodega Steakhouse in 1975.

PEGASUS 1976 - the cover had 2 dye cuts revealing the illustration & identity on the opening page. This year's literary magazine had Paul as editor-in-chief.

PEGASUS 1977 - was dedicated to student Robert Giadrosich & Keith Black for attaining a high level of self-expression that has brought an insight of knowledge to society. Bob was a gifted artist whose work dominated this edition. Keith was the owner & pressman at Aquarius Press - where we had the publication printed & made us look fabulous! Sue P. was editor-in-chief.

Pegasus 1978 at Disney World after another successful convention. Pictured are: Doug, Cheryl, Sharon & Lynn.

PEGASUS 1978 - editors-in-chief were Sharon & Cheryl with excerpts from Henry David Thoreau as our unifying theme.

PEGASUS 1979 - This one was dedicated "To the creative spirit who has lifted man beyond his realm and taught him the beauty and harmony of life." This edition caused the most reaction based on the drug & death subject matter of some of the stories & poems and the short story of the sexually awakening of a teenage girl. The local paper, Sun-Tattler did a front page story with lead headlines. The reporter remarked - there's no story here - after he interviewed the staff & writers of the offending pieces in hopes for a follow piece. Editors-in-chief Kimberly M. & Mitchell P. Magazines were collected & destroyed and money returned, making this one a valuable collectable!

The Shades of Id poetry club in 1970 - Don & I are far left top row

1971 Pegasus float with our winged mascot & staff members

These entries are from my private collection & reprints from "Mustang" the high school's yearbook.  More photos will be added as our research continues.